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The most important component to successful commercialization of a product involves the transfer of laboratory scale technologies to the next stage: pilot scale-up. At this stage, scalable equipment and processing conditions are identified in order to optimally predict large-scale manufacturing results once commercial quantities of product are needed.


The parameters that are studied during pilot scale-up include: 

  •           Proper materials of construction for requisite equipment. 

  •           Temperature and Pressure profiles.

  •           Appropriate chemical product selection considering both cost and regulatory concerns. 

  •           Study of residence times for critical reaction steps. 

  •           Necessary transfer techniques for the addition of reagents. 

  •           Determination of product throughputs and reaction yields. 


Our pilot facilities possess equipment to perform the various reactions:


  • Distillation

  • Vacuum Distillation

  • Fractional Distillation

  • Evaporation


Jacketed Reactor Station.png
Synthesis Reactors.png
Batch Reactor Vessel.png

Batch Reactor Vessel

Jacketed Glass Reactor Station

Synthesis Reactors

  • Crystallization

  • Reflux reaction

  • High temperature reaction using furnace

  • Multi step synthesis and preparation

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